Utah DUI Defense Strategy

When you hire us we will quickly request all the evidence the state has against you. The sooner we get the evidence the sooner we can begin our own investigation and gather the evidence we need for your defense. Once we have all the evidence we analyze it in view of the law you are accused of breaking. If the state has a strong case we negotiate. If the state has a week case we prepare to fight the charges.

DUI is one of the most complicated misdemeanor cases you can be charged with in Utah. It involves Field Sobriety Tests (FSTs) and Chemical Tests. Officers are specially trained to administer the FSTs and must administer them according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) standards. NHTSA standards specify the way they are to instruct others to perform the test and the exact manner in which they should administer them. If officers do not perform them the way they are trained then we will challenge their observations for lacking credibility.

Judges, prosecutors, and juries rely on chemical tests to accurately reflect your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). These tests are performed on breath, blood, or urine. We request all records about these tests including Intoxilyzer records, toxicology lab records, and officer certifications. If anything in these records is not 100% solid we challenge the validity of the test.