Felony DUI

Utah courts take DUIs seriously. Each additional conviction carries a more severe penalty than the previous one. Utah law allows prosecutors to enhance the penalties for DUI to a third degree felony in three situations. The most common enhancement for DUI is when the defendant has two or more prior convictions within 10 years of the date of the offense or date of the current conviction.\r

The other two situations where a third degree felony DUI could be charged are 1) when the person was driving under the influence and also inflicted serious bodily injury upon another as a proximate result of having operated the vehicle in a negligent manner, and 2) when the current conviction is after a conviction of automobile homicide, a previous felony DUI conviction, or similar charge.\r\n

Felony DUI Penalties

A conviction for a third degree felony carries steep penalties. The maximum sentences include the following: REQUIRED: $1500 fine plus surcharge, unless prison is imposed; Alcohol screening and assessment; Intensive treatment or inpatient treatment for not less than 240 hours, unless prison is imposed; Supervised probation, unless prison is imposed OPTIONAL: Ignition Interlock Device; Extended driver license suspension; Electronic home confinement.

Felony DUI Driver License Issues

When you are arrested for DUI the officer will confiscate your driver license and provide you with a citation. The citation will be your temporary driver license for 29 days. If you are convicted of a felony DUI the court sends a record of your conviction to the Driver License Division (DLD). The DLD will then suspend your license for 2 years.