DUI Metabolite

DUI Metabolite

Utah law prohibits a person from having a measurable amount of a controlled substance in their body while driving. This means that a person can be charged with DUI Metabolite even if they aren’t under the influence of a controlled substance.

A metabolite is a substance produced by metabolism. Metabolism of a controlled substance results in a metabolite that indicates what substance was metabolized. A blood test can show which controlled substances have been metabolized.

This is alarming because a metabolite from some substances can remain in your system for several days. This means that you can be charged with DUI Metabolite even if you aren’t even impaired.

Driver License Issues with DUI Metabolite

In a DUI Metabolite case the Driver License Division (DLD) not suspend your license until you have been convicted. Once the DLD receives notice of your conviction it will suspend your license for 120 days for a first offense.